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minimars 亲子会所
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项目介绍 Project Introduction

Mini Mars是一个家庭的梦幻乐园,我们创造了一个亲子乐园和餐厅集合一体的孩童空间。

创始的理念是陪伴,使生活更美妙”,让每一位父母在Mini Mars都能真正的感受到陪伴时光的美妙,与孩子是一起玩一起跳一起吃饭一起闹、一起记录孩子成长的那一刻。

Mini Mars is a family's Dream Park, We created a children's space where parents and children's paradise and dining hall are integrated. Its founder's idea is to "Stay With U", Let every parent can truly feel the wonderful time with Mini Mars, playing with children, dancing with them, eating with them, making fun with them, and recording their growing moments together.

设计理念 Design Concept





We emphasize the importance of beauty, practicality, safety and health in space. Space as the theme of design concept development, take a trip to Mars as the main line, liberate every child's nature to play and give them unlimited imagination.

Inspired by classical symbols of early space elements, we apply it to all areas of space. Make the whole space clean, tidy and full of happiness, the color and texture of the grasp with high demands.

Fully consider the differences between children and adults in the design of recreational facilities and props, highlighting the theme of " Stay With U ", make adults and children can participate together, and use soft package protection on all sharp edges, make it an integral part of space decoration.

At the same time, the designer specially divides the whole space into "dynamic-static" zones, create a special adventure space for children.

入口区域 --- 即将开启火星之旅


Entrance area --- Upcoming trip to Mars

Welcome to the space station, will arrive at Mars base through the time tunnelstart a journey with dreams and surprises.

一层区域 --- 动态游乐区



One Layer Area - Dynamic Amusement

Our expedition includes: hole bouncing, volcanic exploration, galactic walk, Mars rescue, Mars Town, construction base, space racing and other recreational areas, let the children go to Mars and start exploring happily.

At the same time, we set up the baby area especially for the younger children, avoiding the risk of collision between the older and the younger children.

Mars Town

Mars Home

Baby Zone

Race Area

二层区域 --- 静态游乐区


Second floor area - static amusement

Our expedition includes: gym, Lego, graffiti, sand pool, reading picture books and other relatively quiet region, let like children sit down quietly in this game.

Lego \ Gym \ Sand pool \ Painting \ Reading

餐厅区域  Restaurant area



The restaurant is on the first floor facing the playground. Give child a place to replenish energy and continue exploring the Mars base. Parents can watch the baby's movements at any time.

At the same time, the designer reserved two relatively independent areas to hold parties for the birthday babies.

空间布局   Spatial layout

一层平面规划   First floor

二层平面规划  Second floor

剖面  Section

项目名称:MiniMars 长宁店


设 计 方 : SURP


项目设计 & 完成年份: 2017.08 & 2018.01


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